Une famille

Le domaine est composé d’une famille qui s’investi avec conviction pour créer chaque année des vins de collection. Telle une sculpture, c’est l’apport de la touche personnelle de chacun des membres de la famille qui va former le caractère des vins élaborés pour modeler le produit final. Leurs empreintes constitueront une création unique basée sur l’authenticité et la rareté.


With school over and with a master in wine business in her pocket, Amélie (the elder sister) through her perseverance and her go getter attitude, is now leading the vinification process of the winery. She plans on travelling to a number of counrties to promote the family wines.


With wine management school behind her, Cécile completes the circle of the team : she is coherent open, friendly and extremely knowledgeable both in vines development and matters of the cellar.


Vineyard manager and winemaker, Yves posesses enormous charisma and a need for perfection that is much desired in a top class winery such as the Vignoble des 2 Lunes. He utilizes his broad knowledge to satisfy his ultimate goal: quality!


Nelly, mother of the " 2 moons ", manages the office activities and is also involved in wine fairs and day to day business. She’s the real « head » of the house, her good nature and her patience bringing balance to the team.

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