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This wine represents more than 7 generations of our Family’s viticultural « savoir faire ». Each year, we strive to live in harmony with what mother nature offers us. The diversity of our vineyard’s terroirs permit us to make unique wines full of character which define our winery’s signature style. Our strength is our tireless Hard work. It is due to this hard work that we are able to emphasize the flavors and finesse of our terroir which define our wines. Throughout the winemaking process, our mission, or our « obssession », is to carefully attend to the wines in order to produce the best quality possible allowing us to deliver a powerfully, rich wine.
Each harvest signifies a new birth for our winery. We pay special attention to the cultivation of our vines. We pick our grapes by hand followed by a careful selection of only the best grapes from each cluster. We impart our passion throughout the aging process to finally attain a unique blend which defines « Vignoble des 2 lunes ».
In the cellar we allow the wines to evolve in barrel for 12 months before sharing them with you. The « Vignoble des 2 lunes », an authentic product one shares with others at precious times.

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